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The story of how a boy turned into a God.
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An incredible journey that stormed the ages. From his small, humble beginnings in a little village in Central Scotland, Heggie's name is a staple of every household. Voted "Comedian of the Year" by fellow classmates, Heggie discovered his true talent and made his first appearance at a local comedy club. Success was immediate, yet unsatisfying for Heggie and so a change of career was his next step in changing the world. An inherent love in the beautiful game and fluency in German allowed to him to play for the national team. He quickly grew bored of winning Word Cups and chose to leave the game behind. His love and natural ability in spitting "phat" rhymes led him to the top of the rap world, with Eminem, a close friend of Heggie's writing a song about him, "Rap God (Clean)". His story however, had just begun at this point, and the "rap world" had soiled his mind like underwear. He turned to harsh drugs like tobacco as a way of escaping reality before smoking marijuana leaving him with autism; a constant reminder of his previous life. After overdosing on marajuana, he woke up one sunny morning at the steps of an abandoned church. It was then when he turned to God and studied the Neon Bible and so he goes by Pastor Morgan. His first ever baptism is now available to view at:

  • Children look up to him
  • Men want to be him
  • Woman want to be with him
  • The world stands behind him


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