The Baptism of Amanda Henderson

Amanda Henderson Baptism by Pastor Morgan from Morgan Heggie on Vimeo.


At 8:38PM on March 5th 2016, Amanda Elizabeth Henderson joined the Christian faith. She was accepted with open arms by the congregation at the ceremony, with both her Godparents attending the event and vowing to protect her from sin. Courtney Kelly-Anne Fyfe and Lewis Charles Walker took little Amanda into their protection that day, and ever since have guided her on to the path of redemption.

Prior to the ceremony, Pastor Morgan Kevin Heggie and Amanda Elizabeth Henderson took a snapshot of the special occasion pictured here:



We welcome all to the Christian faith with open arms and big smiles! Please contact Pastor Morgan through social media if you would like to have your baptism or wedding conducted by him as he is a legally qualified Pastor with the Universal Life Church.

Thank you.